induction heater(อินดักชั่น ฮีตเตอร์) inductionheater

100KW Ultrasonic Frequency Induction Heating

Output Power
Cool by
Forging Size
  dia 12-36 mm
Forging Capacity



Application Ranges

Heat treatment of metals: hardening, tempering, and annealing, normalizing

Heating prior to deformation: forging, swaging, upsetting, bending, and piercing.

Braze welding and Soldering: brazing of steel, brass, and copper to each other in combination and metal tube, alloy cutter , carbide saw blade, pipe joints, etc.

Shrink fitting in any manufacturing process, for example, shrink fitting of motor rotors to shafts, shrink fitting of shell casings for compressors.

Coating: dissimilar metals, prior to insulation, and curing, such as paint.

Melting: all kinds of metals, like ferrous metals, non-ferrous metal and noble metals

Other applications include crystal growing, cap sealing, sintering, carbon vapor deposition, levitation, exit axial deposition, and plasma generation.


Product Features

IGBT (SIEMENS) technology, high conversion efficiency

Energy saving 15%-30% , compared to SCR/KGPS technology

Much more efficient than gas-fired and coal-fired method

100% start-up success rate; power factor > 95%

Perfect and complete protection functions, increasing machine's reliability & stability

No special foundations required, Low operating cost, Easy operation

Modular design, ease of maintaining and repairing


Product Advantages

Energy saving, Environmental protection, Low pollution level

Easy operation, can be equipment with PLC controller

Miniature and light weight, Economic Space Occupation, Easy installation

Enhanced monitoring and diagnostics system—"JKZ-PS" device, guarantee the machine of high stability, reliability and security.

Strict Supplier Management System and ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System guarantee high quality of each equipment.

Customized services, which made machines as per customer's requirement

jkz induction heater