induction heater(อินดักชั่น ฮีตเตอร์) inductionheater

Tower type Induction Bearing Heater

SPY-100 Portable Induction Heater



  1. Housed in a completely shielded, compact, robust metal casing with the lowest magnetic field radiations.
  2. Adopting the Air-cooling method, which avoiding the inconvenience of assembly and maintenance for the water cooling method.
  3. High efficient, the small work pieces can be heated up to 200C within 5-15s; it can be worked with the manipulators and suitable for the assembly line working. It can also be tailor made solutions combining robot applications with heating and joining units. For example: camshaft assembly, etc.
  4. Working with the supersonic frequency, no noise pollution.
  5. The exact temperature control and the constant temperature hold are included, the range of heating temperature is from 0-400C, and the induction heater can be stopped automatically at the setting temperature.
  6. Timing heating mode is available within 99min 59sec.
  7. Auto-demagnetization.
  8. Up-to-date microprocessor technology for minimal power consumption. Ease of operation for maximum process control.

Scope of specification

  • Typically heating the ring shaped metal work-pieces, such as bearings, gears, shaft-couplings, etc.
  • Heating Positions: ID: 20-120MM
  • Max OD : 260mm
  • Max thickness : 120mm

jkz induction heater